Committee Composition

Composition Of Board And Board Committees In 2018

Board Members Audit Committee Executive Resource and Compensation Committee Finance and Investment Committee Nominating
Ng Kee Choe   C C M  
Lim Ming Yan          
Euleen Goh Yiu Kiang M   M
Tan Sri Amirsham A Aziz M       C
Stephen Lee Ching Yen   M   C  
Dr Philip Nalliah Pillai M M
Kee Teck Koon   M M
Chaly Mah Chee Kheong C M
Anthony Lim Weng Kin M
Gabriel Lim Meng Liang M M
Goh Swee Chen M
Denotes: C – Chairman M – Member

1 All the Directors' respective committee appointments were effective from 1 May 2018.